Flying Ball Boomerang Spinner


Prepare to be mesmerized by our mind-blowing Flying Spinner Toy! This innovative marvel boasts a hidden drive mechanism that unleashes incredible aerobatic feats and jaw-dropping stunts. Within minutes, you'll master its tricks, experiencing a whirlwind of excitement whether flying solo or with friends. Perfect for gifting, it's the ultimate boredom buster, delivering endless thrills!

But the fun doesn't stop there! Join forces with friends for epic games and friendly competitions, fostering camaraderie and teamwork wherever you go. From office breaks to creative sparks, this spinner is your ticket to fun-filled rejuvenation.

Watch in awe as it defies gravity with a simple spin and toss! Powered by a miniature internal motor, it executes wild maneuvers with ease. Explore its versatility with varying speeds and angles, unleashing a symphony of flight paths and high-speed antics. And with a simple catch, it's back in your hands, ready for the next adventure.

Decked out in vibrant colored lights, it streaks across the sky like a neon shooting star, captivating onlookers with its luminous display. Getting started is a breeze – just flick the power button, hold it aloft, and give it a shake. With ultra-fast spins and dazzling moves, every catch and pass becomes a spectacle.

But safety and durability are paramount – fear not! Our Flying Spinner is drop-resistant and child-friendly, ensuring worry-free enjoyment for all ages. Its boomerang-like flight and extended battery life add to the excitement, providing hours of airborne exhilaration.

Soar to new heights with our Flying Spinner Toy – where imagination knows no bounds and the sky's the limit!

Features:- Dynamic lights for a mesmerizing display- Child-safe and drop-resistant design- Functions as a boomerang for added excitement- Tripled battery life for extended playtime- Product battery: 3.7V 120mAH- Quick charging time: 30-35mins- Flying time: 6-8mins- R/C distance: 8-10m- Material: Electronic Components, Plastic- Product size: 9.5X9.5cm- Functions: rise, fall, turn left, turn right, forward, backward, induction

Unleash the magic with our Flying Spinner – the ultimate fusion of innovation and fun! Package includes: 1x Flying-Spinner set.

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