4PCs Luminous Sticky Wall Balls Stress Reliever Squishy Toys


Introducing our 4PCs Luminous Sticky Wall Balls Stress Reliever Toys! These fun and squishy toys are perfect for both kids and adults, providing instant stress relief and endless entertainment.

- Smooth and cornerless design for safe play.
- Vacuum adsorption for easy sticking to flat surfaces.
- Inertia effect ensures a better fit between the sticky ball and racket.
- Made of soft and elastic TPR wrapped in silicone material, safe for all ages.
- Environmentally friendly materials prevent any parts from falling off, ensuring safety during play.

- Type: Sticky Wall Ball Decompression Toy
- Material: Environmental Protection TPR
- Function: Indoor activities decompression, adsorption, can be used as sticky target ball
- Adheres to glass, wood, and other flat surfaces
- Color Options: Blue, Yellow, Red, Purple
- Size: Approximately 6.5 cm
- Quantity: 4 pieces

Note: The sticky wall balls can stick to the ceiling for 3-20 seconds and plaster walls for 5-30 seconds.

Package Includes: 
4 x Sticky Wall Ball Decompression Toys

Get ready to relieve stress and have fun with these colorful and entertaining sticky wall balls!

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